Add a new K2 smartforms Runtime site

Add a new K2 smartforms Runtime site

K2 smartforms architecture allows you to create new Runtime sites with different authentication providers. In this post, I will be touching on how to add a new K2 smartforms runtime site. To find out how to set a different authentication mode on a Runtime site, read the post – Forms Authentication for K2 smartforms.

1. Prepare the website folder

In this section, we will duplicate the Runtime folder.

  1. Open a Windows Explorer and navigate K2 blackpearl’s installation folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl.

    K2 blackpearl installation folder
    K2 blackpearl installation folder
  2. Copy and paste the K2 smartforms Runtime folder and rename it as K2 smartforms Runtime External.

    New Runtime site
    New Runtime site
  3. You can close the Windows Explorer now.

2. Add a new K2 smartforms Runtime site in IIS

  1. Start IIS Manager and navigate to the K2 website.

    K2 website in IIS
    K2 website in IIS
  2. Right click on K2 website and select Add Application.

    Add New Application option
    Add Application option
  3. In the New Application dialog, fill in the following and click OK.
    1. Alias: RuntimeExternal (You can rename this to other preferred names)
    2. Application pool: K2 smartforms (Select the correct K2 smartforms application pool if you have changed it during setup)
    3. Physical path: C:\Program Files (x86)\K2 blackpearl\K2 smartforms Runtime External (This is my path, so replace this with your path!)

      New Application setup
      New Application setup
  4. You can close the IIS Manager now.

3. Test the new K2 smartforms Runtime site

Just open a new browser and navigate to your Forms to see the result! Remember that you will need to replace the URL’s first \Runtime\ to \RuntimeExternal\ or which ever IIS path you specified above.

New K2 smartforms runtime site!
New K2 smartforms runtime site!

4. Things to take note of…

So now you have your new K2 smartforms Runtime site, you will need to remember that whenever you deploy the following artifacts, you will need to deploy them to this new folder as well.

  1. smartforms Themes
  2. Custom K2 smartforms controls

Another important thing is after an upgrade or re-run of K2 smartforms Setup Manager, it may be good to overwrite the new Runtime folder again, so that all new changes will be propagated to it.


Have fun!!

Ji Kai

2 thoughts on “Add a new K2 smartforms Runtime site

  1. Hi,

    I have secondary runtime site for external users , FBA users can access it .
    can we restrict access for external users for some forms .

    I need allow FBA users to access specific forms and revoke access to rest of K2 forms .

    1. Hi Ahmad,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Basically, there isn’t any out-of-box security control on the form level. What I normally do to control form level access is to build a common view that checks the current user’s login against a SQL table that contains my access mappings.


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